Hardwood Flooring Trends 2014


Here’s the year 2014. Since the first quarter of the New Year came in, you can expect for something new throughout this year. It is the right time for you to learn more about the new trends when it comes to hardwood flooring. The housing market of the United States is expected to recover this year. When it happens, it will result to an increase in demand for some luxurious items such as the hardwood flooring.

Nowadays, homebuyers like you will likely choose to have a broader plank flooring instead of the conventional and commonly used two and ¼ “ strip flooring. It is expected that most homeowners in all states of the United States will be enticed to try having floorings that are 3 inches in width or they can go for larger sizes. Aside from the size, there are also some colors that will be in trend when it comes to hardwood flooring.

For this year 2014, the best and most famous stain color options will be Jacobean and ebony. These two hues are known to be the ones that can provide a contemporary and elegant look to hardwood flooring. Aside from these two, red and orange will be out and gold and brown shades will be in. Homeowners like you may also choose gray hardwood floorings and this option will look good by adding a combination of ebony and white wash stain. Random with planks will also be in trend for 2014.

It is also predicted that homeowners’ choice when it comes to the colors will be more on the darker types of woods like walnut. The traditional colors used in making hardwood flooring will be out for this year and these colors are the red oak and the medium-colored white. You can expect to discover more color options aside from all of these. Just keep on doing your own research to find what will be the best for your home if you wish to replace the existing flooring of your home with a hardwood floor.

Aside from those ideas, the types of woods that will be used when it comes to hardwood flooring are also an important topic to be discussed. For this New Year, it is expected that there will be different types of woods that will be in trend and will become more popular throughout this year. When it comes to hardwood flooring, you can prefer one particular type of wood that will be used in building the main field of the room. After that, other contrasting type of woods will be incorporated and they will serve as the border or as the other subtle design elements within the room.

Hardwood flooring is suitable for kitchens and this choice will be in trend in this year. When it comes to finishes, your best choice will be satin as glossy and semi-glossy will be out. Vintage style of hardwood will become popular this year. That could be the style that will suit your taste and preferences in making your home classy and trendy. Moreover, new types of colors will likely be used in hardwood flooring. These include gray stains and finishes that may range from the very subtle ones to darker and metallic finishes.